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Bring your loved ones closer through cinematic storytelling...

Your family legacy beyond financial wealth!


The trust our clients place in us is an honor and a responsibility we take to heart.  Therefore, we take confidentiality VERY seriously.  These excerpts and trailers come from longer Legacy Films that we have permission to share.  We are unable to share full-length films to protect our client family's privacy. We will do the same with your precious stories.


"When you make loving others the story of your life, there's never a final chapter, because the legacy continues...And I know for sure that in the final analysis of our lives...the only thing that will have any lasting value is whether we've loved others and whether they've loved us."     --Oprah Winfrey


Your legacy beyond the wealth, our expert guidance

Want to make sure that the stories and history of your family live on beyond your lifetime?  Hoping to learn from and connect to your loved ones while you still can?  Not sure where to start? 


We will guide you through a story gathering and sharing process that will foster connection, affirm identity, and deepen the love.  You'll end up with a series of broadcast quality documentary films that will connect your family across generations and beyond your lifetimes.


Completely Customized & Expertly Edited

Crafted out of interviews, home movies, family photographs, and archival footage, tied together with music from our extensive collection, your films reflect the heart and soul of your family.  They are sure to become instant priceless heirlooms that will be passed on from generation to generation.

Sit back and let us bring all the stories together into Legacy films that will move, inspire, and connect you across generations and experience.  Give us your feedback through an easy to use, virtual interface that allows you to become part of the documentary process in an easy and fun way.


Live with no regrets.  Speak your truth.

Not sure what to say?  Don't worry that's what we're here for.  From day one we help you to affirm the stories that need to be told, the history that you want to be remembered, and the future you want to co-create with your extended family. 


The process is rooted in love, empathy and compassion.   We help you and your family members be brave enough to become the storytellers that will reach into the past to touch the future.


Honor the journey. Share and keep sharing

There are so many ways to make sure these Legacy films live on and are enjoyed by generations of your family to come.  We recommend and can help you host virtual or in-person film screenings with whoever you want to experience your family's Legacy Films. 


These events serve as yet another way to bring your family together to deepen connections and affirm your legacy beyond your financial wealth.  Experience the joy peace of mind knowing that you will always remember and be remembered.

“Meaning doesn’t lie in things.  Meaning lies in us.”  

–Marianne Williamson  


Linda Leahy.JPG

“Jim and I sat in awe at the outcome. The grandchildren just couldn’t take their eyes off it. My children are proud of it.   I think it’s a way to leave a legacy to your children while you’re alive, rather than after you’re gone.”

Linda Leahy -- Legacy Films Client


LCF is made up of talented and award-winning producers, directors, animators, editors, designers, genealogists, organizers, musicians, and more.  It is our greatest honor to help provide you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your family spirit will live on.  Our ability to focus on the details as well as the big picture ensures that your Legacy Films will be of the highest quality – professional, engaging, and entertaining for all the members of your tribe.

Learn more about us and our company history.



Schedule a free initial consultation via Zoom or phone, or email us and we'll be happy to answer all our questions.

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