Founded in 2005, LCF produces broadcast-quality documentary films for families throughout the world.  We are passionate about bringing your history and values to life through the age old art of storytelling.

Our vision is to educate, inspire, and entertain generations today and far into the future!

We capture the essence of your family – your laughter, your spirit, and your journey.

While LCF has always worked with clients from family enterprises we began to place more focused attention on this niche in 2014 when it became clear to us how what we offer especially benefits this unique group. Family businesses also hold a special place in Arielle’s heart because of her own family history with regards to a multi-generational family enterprise.  Her maternal grandfather was part of the custom furniture company his father, a Ukrainian immigrant founded.

Beyond family businesses, LCF clients also includes family foundations, family offices, legacy families, and entreprenuers like Nóbile, who hope to pass on their wisdom and experiences.  Our mission is to help our clients who wish to capture the love and spirit of their family to create legacies beyond their financial wealth.



This short film was created for our 10th anniversary party where we rolled out the red carpet for clients, friends, and family to celebrate our first decade serving families.  It's a great way to get to know our roots and see a longer film in our style.  (And yes, that's Arielle in the center of the photo below at around age 11).

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Founder & CEO

Arielle has channeled her lifelong passion for story into helping families connect in deeper ways.  What began as a way to make documentary films and make a living has evolved into profoundly healing work.

One of Arielle’s gifts is her innate ability to see the essence of who someone truly is. Bringing out people's inner-spirit inspires her and elevates her work to a calling.

Growing up, Arielle was blessed to know all her grandparents & three of her great grandmothers.  When her grandfathers both passed away, she mourned not only their physical passing but she also experienced deep regret at having not memorialized their spirit and stories.  In 2005, she decided not to repeat her mistake and she made her first two films about her surviving grandmothers.  The experience was life-changing.  Legacy Connections Films was born. 

Arielle received her BFA in Experimental Theatre from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.  She then studied in an MFA-style year-long directing program at Second City Theatre in Chicago. She taught adults and children improv & theatre at Second City and Piven Theatre, which makes her uniquely skilled at helping people relax and be natural on camera.  

Arielle won Best Documentary 2019 at the Borderscene Film Festival in New Mexico for her documentary film, “Belonging in the USA:  The Story of Michael D. McCarty.” The film, the first in a series of three, has been screened at film festivals and other events around the world.  Arielle was named to The Independent Magazine’s “10 Filmmakers to Watch” in 2018.   In 2012, she won a Hugo Television award for her 6-part public television series, “Belonging in Boulder: Unexpected Stories from Your Neighbors.” 

When Arielle is not working with her clients around the globe, she is enjoying family time with her husband, young daughter, and three cats in their home on the Northshore of Chicago.  She loves hiking, dancing, biking, cooking, writing, reading, gaming, playing guitar and singing, and of course, watching movies.


“I think Arielle is wired to do what she does and I think that she has all the different technical and artistic talent as well as having the people talent. She knows how to get into people quickly, get into who they are and uncover more of the inner person without being intrusive.”

Jim Leahy, G3 Owner, American Hotel Register Company